The Quick Guide to Capacity Management for Events

At both hybrid and live events, the event begins as soon as attendees arrive. You will want the guest check-in experience to be effective, painless, and act as a reflection of the event’s brand. Event planners need to ensure that registration and check-ins go smoothly while respecting social distancing guidelines to prevent confusion while providing event attendees with a solid first impression.

With our quick guide to capacity management for events, event organizers have a convenient checklist that will help them get the best guest experience possible.

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Level Up the Guest Experience with Event Management Software

The guest experience is everything. One bad experience can cause people to leave a bad review and avoid your brand. But with these key elements, your event should go off without a hitch.

Have Your Check-In System in Your Event Management Platform

Digitizing the attendee check-in eliminates the possibility of losing tickets or confirmation receipts. When you use the best event management software, everything is conveniently located in one place, allowing you to easily track:

Go Paperless & Contactless

With more advances in technology and organizations looking for eco-friendly solutions, using pen and paper check-in processes can leave a bad impression. If you have a high capacity event, whether live, virtual, or a hybrid, technology is a must!

Send a “How to Check-In” Email

Attendees will be looking for obvious signs around the venue that indicate where the check-in desk is, so think ahead by sending out an email with clear and concise steps to checking in the day of the event. Check-in will be more effective and prevent issues.

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Manage Occupancy Limits in Real-Time

COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols entail capacity limits in many places. Event organizers and companies will have real-time data at their fingertips if they use EventPro, allowing them to monitor their live occupancy level with how many people attended the event in comparison to those who registered. This data can also be useful for future events when creating event content and targeting guest speakers or exhibitors.

Create a Logical On-Site Check-In Flow

If you follow our tip above about digitizing the event check-in process, you will also reduce waiting lines and crowding. Organize your venue that will help attendees move from Point A to Point B, and so on. For example, clear signage and staff can guide guests through check-in and into the event in a seamless flow.

EventPro offers both resource management and staff management features in their software. You can prevent under or overbooking of supplies, such as signage, and have staff available, in position, and correctly performing their duties.

Put the right planning and infrastructure in place to make your live, virtual, and hybrid events a memorable experience for attendees. EventPro allows you to get the most out of event technology.

Get Started with Professional Software

The best event organizers know that their business needs event technology. Not only does EventPro software simplify event planning, but we offer premium support, data setup and configuration, and many other services to help you optimize our software for your needs.

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